Corporate Services

Moving around town can be somewhat time-consuming and stressful, making it impossible for you to get your laundry done as at when due. That is why at PrimeWash we offer a collection and delivery service to a wide range of corporate organizations especially hotels, guest houses, hospitals, schools, industries, airlines, etc. If you allow your staff bring their garments to the office, we will arrange to collect and deliver them on a regular basis. Not only would you be providing an additional privilege for your personnel and clients, it would also be cost-effective. They would no longer have to ‘steal time’ out of the office, wasting man-hours just to get their laundry done.

Contract Scheme for Corporate Organisations

This is a Special scheme targeted at corporate organizations (Hotels, Guest Houses, Hospitals, Factories, Schools, Airlines, etc) with an operational in-house Laundry. PrimeWash offers to extend her touch of professionalism by taking charge of its operations.

Where the equipments therein are in good working condition, and the expected turnover is above a certain limit, PrimeWash shall offer reasonable discounts and take full responsibility of the maintenance of the equipments, after the initial clean-up servicing which will ascertain the “health” of the equipments.

Corporate organizations that do not meet these criteria especially hotels, guest houses and other government parastatals can enjoy pick-up and delivery service to guests and employees.

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