Our Loyalty Rewards

–       Loyalty Club

At PrimeWash, we care for our customers, like they care for their fabrics. Thus, the introduction of the Loyalty Card Scheme – our way of rewarding customers vis-a-vis the volume of their transactions.

Customers who have reached a certain volume of transactions are automatically entitled to the Loyalty Card. It is also a membership card for the PrimeWash Loyalty Club. Aside the foregoing benefits, holders of the Loyalty Card can also enjoy certain discounts when they shop in some designated shopping outlets in Nigeria, which are in partnership with PrimeWash.

In summary, the key benefits include:

  • Enjoying discounts (up to10%) on every transaction.
  • Loyalty points accrual that qualifies customers for free cleaning.
  • Recognition in shopping outlets nationwide.
  • Qualifies holders for the prestigious PrimeWash Express Bag

To qualify, simply increase the volume of your transactions!

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