Producing measurable results for the customers through our numerous services!


Soft Furnishings

PrimeWash cleans and restores all leather and suede garments. Our experience keeps your leather items looking great.


Alteration & Tailoring

At PrimeWash, expert seamstresses and tailors perform fine alterations on your garments in order to obtain that ‘perfect fit’ you have always longed for.



You love your clothes like we love our customers! Not all garments are created equal.


Fine Shirt

Shirts are restored to their originality. The collars and cuffs are formed with both the Collar and Cuff Press and the automatic Shirt Folding Unit.

Special Services


Wait & Take Services

Interestingly, you do not have to wait until the weekend or after office hours to send your clothes in for cleaning and/or alterations. We’ll take care of them within the hour whilst you are ‘pampered away’ in our Special Lounge. No delay! No worries!!!


Loyalty Club

At PrimeWash, we care for our customers, like they care for their fabrics. Thus, the introduction of the Loyalty Card Scheme – our way of rewarding customers vis-a-vis the volume …